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What is a Bunionette?

A bunionette -- sometimes called a tailor's bunion -- is a deformity of the foot that is marked by a bony protrusion on the outside of the foot below the little toe.

Normally, a bunionette is visible as a small bump that sticks out right on the side of the foot where the little toe joins the foot.

Symptoms of bunionettes

The main symptoms of bunionettes are the bump that appears on outside of the foot below the little toe and a curving inward of the little toe.

Other symptoms may not present themselves, but in some people bunionettes can also cause significant pain or discomfort.

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What causes bunionettes?

Like bunions, the root cause of bunionettes is usually genetics. Many people with bunionettes develop them because of familial genes that give their feet abnormal shapes or mechanics.

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Who gets bunionettes?

Anyone can get a bunionette, but the problem is more common with age. Women are also more prone to tailor's bunions, and some research has suggested it is related to wearing shoes with high heels or tight toe boxes.

Treating bunionettes

There are a wide variety of bunionette treatments, including both surgical and non-surgical options.

Non-surgical options can range from using orthotics or bunionette protectors to simply wearing shoes with low heels and a wide toe box.

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