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Toe Tubes

These products can assist with a wide range of ailments including painful overlapping toes, toe nails that fall off from rubbing on running shoes, toe corns that just won't heal, and even stubborn pinky toes that seem to blister against every pair of shoes you own.

What are toe tubes used to treat?

Toe tubes are used to treat a variety of toe injuries and conditions as well as prevent them. If toe rub is causing you pain, toe tubes can be worn on one of the toes that is rubbing to create a soft barrier between the two toes, or the toe and your sock or shoe. Toe tubes can prevent the development of toe corns and toe blisters as well as protect them if they have already taken hold. ZenToes toe tubes are an affordable way to treat and prevent common toe problems such as blisters, corns and toe rub.

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How do I cut the correct-sized toe tube piece?

To cut the correct size toe tube piece, you can place a string on your toe toe and mark the string at the top of your toe. Then place the string on the toe tube and cut where the mark is on the string. Or you can use a measuring tape to measure the length of your toe and cut the toe tube at that length. ZenToes Toe Tubes are easy to cut using a standard pair of household scissors.

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What are your toe tubes made of?

ZenToes toe tubes are created with a soft, non slip fabric exterior lined with a medical grade gel, to provide toe protection while comforting and soothing your injured toe. Our toe tubes are designed to be washable and reusable, making them a great value for many kinds of toe problems.

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Should I use a toe tube or a pad? Why?

Should I use a toe tube or a pad? Why?

Whether you should use a toe pad or a toe tube depends on the toe issue you are trying to solve. A toe tube is helpful for many kinds of toe problems, including toe rub, toe corns, and toe blisters. However, most toe pads are only designed for toe corns, making the toe tube much more versatile. Since ZenToes toe tubes can be customized to your toe length, they are an excellent choice for the most common toe problems.

Can I wear shoes while wearing a toe tube?

Can I wear shoes while wearing a toe tube?

Yes, you can wear most kinds of shoes while wearing a ZenToes toe tube. However, we do recommend wearing shoes with a toe box wide enough to not cramp your toes while your toe tubes are on, as they may slightly increase the width of your toes. ZenToes toe tubes can be comfortably worn in athletic shoes, dress shoes, work boots, high heels, and most other common types of shoes.

Can I get my toe tube wet?

ZenToes toe tubes can be washed and reused, so it is fine to get them wet. However, if you are wearing them without shoes, such as in a swimming pool, and submerge them, chances are good that they will slip off due to the added weight of the water. Should you be wearing ZenToes toe tubes in regular shoes and they become wet, remove them, wash them, and let them air dry. Your ZenToes toe tubes will be ready to wear again within a few hours.

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