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Hammertoe splints help those with hammertoes find relief with a holistic, gentle approach to pain relief and foot care. Free shipping.

What causes hammertoe?

Hammer toes have different causes, but the most common cause is wearing shoes that are too tight and cause the toes to overlap. Other times hammertoes are genetic or caused by trauma to the foot. Whatever the cause of your hammer or mallet toe, ZenToes has a solution to help relieve the pain.

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What are the symptoms of hammertoe?

The main symptoms of hammertoe is a bend from your toe that many times causes one toe to overlap another toe. Because the toe is bent, or laying on another toe, it tends to rub on your shoes. If the top of one of your toes has chafing, and laying at an odd angle, chances are you have a hammertoe. But do not despair, ZenToes has hammertoe treatments to help keep our toe straight and alleviate pain.

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Which hammertoe corrector should I use?

ZenToes has several hammertoe correctors available. Choosing the correct one should be based on the severity of your hammertoe and your comfort level. Our toe splint bandage can help keep the index and middle toes straight, but may feel confining to some people. If you have just one hammertoe, then the gel single loop hammertoe straightener may be just what you need. However if you have several toes with misaligned joints, you may want to try the our triple loop toe hammertoe crest. But if your toes feel too confined with loops, or are larger than average, then our no loop hammer toe straightener crest will be your best hammertoe solution. If you have only a mild bend to your toe, then our toe sleeves or toe caps may be all that you require.

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Hammertoe Corrector #1: Toe Tube

Toe tubes can be used to help temporarily correct a mild hammer toe by preventing it from overlapping onto the toe next to it. Toe tubes can also prevent a hammertoe from rubbing on shoes, providing soothing protection to chafed toes.

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Hammertoe Corrector #2: Toe Separator

Toe separator crests are very helpful with keeping hammertoes from overlapping onto other toes. Whether you have just one overlapping toe or several, ZenToes has a hammertoe separator for you. Our single loop hammertoe crests are very helpful in keeping a single toe straight, while our triple loop and no loop toe crests are designed to keep multiple toes from overlapping.

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Hammertoe Corrector #3: Toe Bandage/Splint

For hammertoes affecting the index toe and the middle toe, ZenToes Broken Toe Wrap/Hammertoe Straightener is an ideal treatment for keeping your toe straight while protecting it from rubbing on shoes. Our toe bandage is washable and reusable for long term, affordable treatment of your hammer or mallet toe

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