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Bunion Pads

Bunion pain is one of the worst foot pains out there, but there are non-surgical treatments available to stop bunion pain in its tracks. Bunion pads are one of those options that can help reduce bunion pain by creating a soft, cushioned barrier between the bunion and the side of the shoes and other things that the bunion may rub against allowing you to stay active doing the things that you love.

How do bunion pads help to relieve bunion pain?

Bunion pads are usually disposable pads that use adhesive to adhere to the sides of the foot to provide a cushion between the bunion and the shoe. They reduce rubbing, chafing, and pressure, but must be replaced daily. Unlike other types of bunion pads, our bunion pads are made with a waterproof adhesive, odor resistant materials so that they stay in place and can be worn all day, even on the most sensitive skin. They are thicker and more comfortable than many bunion pads on the market while still being affordable and easy to use.

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Do bunion pads come in different sizes?

Most bunion pads, including ZenToes bunion pads, come in a one size fits most package. Our bunion pads, also called bunion cushions, come in packs of 24 or 48 cushions to help reduce the discomfort and pain caused by shoe friction, rubbing, and pressure. Every step with a bunion can be excruciating if your bunion presses against the side of your shoe or rubs against your sock. The pain can have a ripple effect that also causes pain in your ankles, knees, hips, and back if the condition goes untreated. Our bunion pads provide the relief you need so that you don’t have to let bunion pain slow you down.

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When should I use a bunion pad vs. a toe separator?

Some toe separators only offer protection to the smaller toes by keeping the misaligned big toe from rubbing on the smaller toes. Bunion pads work to provide a layer of soft, cushion between the outside bony protrusion of the bunion and socks and shoes so that there is no chafing, rubbing, or pressure against the bunion itself. Some toe separators offer the option of a bunion guard in addition to the toe separators which can treat both types of discomfort and pain at the same time. Shop our variety of toe separators and bunion pads here.

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What are bunion pads made of?

Because bunion pads are made to be disposable, they are not made of the same soft, silicone gel that our bunion guards are made of. Instead they are made with a dual-layer, thick and comfortable material to give you the same protection from friction and pressure while wearing shoes. The material is odor resistant to avoid smelly feet and self-stick with a waterproof adhesive that is designed to stay on all day long. Even though they will stay on until you peel them off at the end of the day, they are still gentle and safe for sensitive skin.

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Should I get a bunion pad that fits over my whole foot or just my big toe?

Should I get a bunion pad that fits over my whole foot or just my big toe?

Bunion pads are designed to cover just the outer bony protrusion of a bunion when wearing them. Their job is to provide a cushion between your bunion and your shoes and socks. They are designed so they will not bunch up, slide to the wrong position, or fall off so they are comfortable all day long. However, if you are looking for a bunion pad that fits over more of your foot than just the bunion, a bunion sleeve may be a good option for you. Bunion sleeves slide over your big toe and cover the ball of your foot as well to provide comfort and relief from bunion pain.

When wearing bunion pads, can I still fit my feet in my shoes?

Our bunion pads are thick and comfortable to provide protection from chafing, friction, and pressure caused by your shoes. It is a good idea to wear shoes that have a wide, flexible sole and enough room near the toes to accommodate your bunion. However, our bunion treatment options are all soft and comfortable and will typically fit inside most shoe types and designs to offer protection all day without sacrificing comfort.

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