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Bunion Relief

If you suffer from bunion pain, you're not alone. It is estimated that bunions impact some 38 percent of women and 21 percent of men. Bunions are more likely to occur as we get older. Fortunately, surgery isn’t the only option for treating bunion discomfort and pain. ZenToes offers a variety of products for bunion relief so that you can continue being active, regardless of your bunion pain.

Aren’t sure you have a bunion? Bunions typically appear as a bump on the side of your foot near the big toe. Bunions, also called hallux valgus, is a bulge in the bone of the foot that pushes outward and results in misalignment of the big toe so that it points toward the second toe instead of straight like it should be.

What causes bunions?

What causes bunions?

Bunions form when the tendons and joints in your feet sustain abnormal motion and pressure for long periods of time. This is often the result of the shoes you wear. They don’t happen overnight and instead occur gradually and get larger over time. Bunions typically begin with the big toe curving slightly inwards.

Genetics also play a role in the formation of bunions. If you have multiple family members who suffer from bunions, it is likely that you will eventually have them as well. Often an inherited foot shape or poor foot mechanics results in bunions, especially if you wear shoes that put pressure on your feet.

Bunion Protectors

If you have bunions you know just how painful they can be. Unfortunately, many of the methods available to ease the pain are a pain to use. You may have tried wearing self-adhesive pads to protect your bunion, but you know what happens when your feet get sweaty - they slide right off. Toe separators may keep your big toe from rubbing on your second toe, but they do nothing for protecting the outside of your bunion that rubs on your shoes.

Now you can have the best of both worlds with our bunion protectors. They are a combination of a toe separator to keep your toes from rubbing together and a soft, silicone gel cushion to protect your bunion from rubbing on your shoe. And you won’t have to worry about it sliding off when your feet sweat. Plus, they are washable and reusable!

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Bunion Correctors

You know that bunion pain can be disabling, that’s why it is important to find products that can help alleviate your bunion pain. Fortunately, there are several types of bunion correctors on the market. They range from bunion splints that cushion bunions and gently attempt to guide the big toe back into its natural position and protector sleeves that fit over the bunion and cushion it. These sleeve cushions apply gentle pressure to the foot and straighten the big toe bones over time.

Toe spacers can also be used to correct bunions. These spacers are usually made from soft, silicone gel and slip over one or more toes to gently realign the toes while still protecting the bunion from rubbing on the shoes. Bunion correctors can also be used to relieve other conditions that occur along with bunions such as hammer toes and overlapping toes. Shop our bunion relief products here.

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Bunion Pads

Many of ZenToes products are made of soft, silicone gel that is allergy-free, washable, and reusable, but if you prefer to have your bunion cushioned with a disposable pad, we have an option for that as well. Our bunion pads and cushions help reduce the pressure, rubbing, and chafing that bunions can cause while wearing shoes, boots, high heels, or even socks.

They are thicker than many other bunion pads on the market and have a water-proof adhesive that is made to last the entire day without sliding or falling off. They are odor resistant and disposable so you can have the daily comfort and support that you need without having to worry about them coming off until you peel them off. They are safe for even the most sensitive skin.

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Bunion Splints

Bunion splints are most often worn at night and work to physically realign the big toe back into natural alignment. There are a variety of designs for bunion splints with some being softer and others more rigid in design. Some are meant to push the big toe back into position and others use more of a pulling motion.

The important thing to take into consideration with any bunion treatment is that bunions don’t occur overnight and they won’t be corrected overnight either. That’s why it is important to find bunion splints and bunion treatments that are comfortable and easy to use.

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Bunion Guards

If your big toe isn’t aligned and straight the way that it used to be, it can cause terrible pain and pressure that is not just uncomfortable, but can limit your ability to move the way that you’d like. Simple things like standing, walking, and even getting a good night’s sleep can be more difficult because of the pain. That’s where a bunion guard can help.

We have a variety of bunion guards that will wrap around the outside of your bunion to keep your shoes, mattress, etc. from rubbing on your bunion and causing pain. They are ideal for athletes, sleeping comfortably, standing in place, and being active. You don’t have to suffer from bunions, you can live life normally with our bunion guards and other bunion relief products.

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Toe Separators

When your toes aren’t aligned the way they are supposed to be, it can quickly result in pain in not just your feet but throughout your body. When your toes hurt, your entire body from your heels to your hips try to compensate for the pain to keep you upright. That’s what our toe separators try to prevent. By helping your toes realign, you no longer have to suffer from your toes rubbing together or from the pain caused by poorly aligned feet.

Whether your toe misalignment is due to a toe drift, bunion, or other foot issues, we have toe separators to take away the pain so you can take every single step-in comfort. Our toe separators come in a variety of designs ranging from single toe loop designs to three-loop designs, or even no loop designs. They are made from soft, silicone gel for comfort. Most of our customers don’t even notice that they are wearing them! Shop our collection of toe separators here.

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