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If you suffer from bunion pain, you're not alone. It is estimated that bunions impact some 38 percent of women and 21 percent of men. Bunions are more likely to occur as we get older. Fortunately, surgery isn’t the only option for treating bunion discomfort and pain. ZenToes offers a variety of products for bunion relief so that you can continue being active, regardless of your bunion pain.

Aren’t sure you have a bunion? Bunions typically appear as a bump on the side of your foot near the big toe. Bunions, also called hallux valgus, is a bulge in the bone of the foot that pushes outward and results in misalignment of the big toe so that it points toward the second toe instead of straight like it should be.


Single Loop Toe Spacer for Bunion Pain - 4 Count - ZenToes
Single Loop Toe Spacer for Bunions - 4 Count
3669 Reviews
Double Loop Toe Separator for Bunion Pain Relief - 4 Count - ZenToes
Double Loop Gel Bunion Toe Separators - 4 Count
134 Reviews
Gel Toe Separators with No Loop - 6 Pack - ZenToes
Gel Toe Separators with No Loop - 6 Count
98 reviews
Bunion Pad Cushions Pack - ZenToes
Bunion Pads - 24 or 48 Count
237 Reviews
4 Pack Bunion Pads, Gel Bunion Guard - ZenToes
Soft Gel Bunion Shields - 2 Pairs
334 reviews
Flared Toe Separators Set of 6 Spacers with No Loop - ZenToes
Flared "No Loop" Toe Separators - 6 Count
32 Reviews
Bunion Sleeves with Gel Pad Cushion (Pair) - ZenToes
Fabric Covered Gel Bunion Shields - 1 Pair
Bunion Protector with Attached Toe Separator - ZenToes
Bunion Protector with Toe Separator - 4 Count
63 reviews
Bunion Toe Separator Wraps - 1 Pair (2 Count) - ZenToes
Adjustable Bunion Toe Separator Wraps - 1 Pair
8 Reviews
Bunion Relief Value Kit - 18 Pieces - ZenToes
Bunion Relief Value Kit - 18 Pieces
5 Reviews
Bunion Pads with Non-Stick Center - ZenToes
Premium Bunion Pads for Sensitive Skin
8 reviews
Split-Toe Bunion Relief Socks - 1 Pair - ZenToes
Split-Toe Bunion Relief Socks - 1 Pair
11 Reviews
Small Single Loop Toe Spacer for Bunionettes - 4 Count - ZenToes
NEW! Customizable Toe Separators with Inserts