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Toe Separators

The Toe Separators for Bunions category contains many of our best selling products for a simple reason - they provide relief!

Toe misalignment can quickly become a whole-body ache as your foot arches, heels, ankles, knees, and hips compensate to keep you upright. These toe separators for bunions help re-align your wandering toes, preventing toe rub and pain from poorly aligned feet.

How does a toe straightener relieve pain from bunions?

A toe straightener helps relieve pain from bunions by aligning the big toe, which takes pressure off the bunion. When the toe is aligned the stress on the bunion is reduced, which reduces pain caused by a bunion. ZenToes toe straighteners come in different styles so you can choose the one that suits your needs best.

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Will a toe straightener permanently fix my bunion?

No, toe straighteners will not permanently fix your bunion. Surgery is the only way to permanently correct a bunion. However, many people who have bunions are able to manage them using toe straighteners and bunion pads.

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What is the difference between single and double loop straighteners?

A single toe straightener is designed to fit on one toe only, pushing the big toe away from the index toe. A double toe straightener is designed to go over both the big and the index toe, giving greater stability to the big toe.

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Will my toes still fit in my shoes with straighteners?

For most people, yes. However we do recommend that you wear shoes with a toe box that is sufficiently wide enough to not cause pain when wearing toe straighteners. Wearing shoes that fit comfortably is the first step to decreasing pain from bunions, as well as to prevent them from becoming worse over time.

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Can I run while wearing toe straighteners?

Yes, you can run, dance, walk, skip, play pickleball, or do any activity you normally would while wearing toe straighteners. ZenToes Toe Straighteners are made with soft gel so they’re comfortable enough to wear throughout the day, no matter what activities you might indulge in.

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