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Ankle Pads

If you experience ankle pain from chafing and rubbing while wearing work boots, hiking boots, ice skates, roller skates, splints, or braces, ZenToes has the pain-relieving solutions you need. Our ankle bone protection socks are open-toed and have medical-grade, shock-absorbing gel padding that covers both sides of your ankle bones to cushion and protect them from friction and impact. ZenToes padded skate socks cover the top of your foot with soft gel padding to prevent pinching and “lace bite” from tight shoelaces. Both types of ankle pads sleeves contain 1 pair so you can protect both your left and right feet at the same time.

What type of ankle pain should I treat with an ankle pad?

Heavy work boots, hiking boots, sport skates or ankle braces can cause painful chafing and soreness to the bones on the sides of your ankles, while tight laces can cause pinching and “lace bite” to the top of your foot. It can also be painful to wear shoes or boots of any kind if you’ve had surgery on your ankle. ZenToes ankle bone padded sleeves protect both sides of your ankles from rubbing and impact and will protect a bone with hardware in it or soothe a malleolar fracture. Our padded skate socks keep the top of your ankles from being pinched by your shoe laces and absorb shock, pressure and vibration from the top of the foot to the shin.

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When should I use an ankle pad vs. an ankle brace or sleeve?

When should I use an ankle pad vs. an ankle brace or sleeve?

An ankle pad should be used to prevent rubbing, chafing and impact caused by work boots, hiking boots, ice skates, roller skates, splints or braces. The gel padding will act as a barrier and add a layer of protection to your ankle bones and to the skin on the top of your feet. An ankle brace is used to provide stability and support for weak ankles due to torn ligaments, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis and other conditions of the ankle. A brace can also be used as a first aid medical device for a sprained, twisted, fractured or broken ankle to aid in the healing process. An ankle compression sleeve provides pain relieving pressure that improves natural circulation and blood flow to the arch, heel, ankle joints and the top of the foot to reduce inflammation.

How long should I wear my ankle pad for?

How long should I wear my ankle pad for?

Your ankle pad sleeve can be worn as long as needed. They can be worn during the day, while relaxing or working, during sport activities and at night but should be removed while showering, bathing or swimming. If your ankle pad sleeve gets wet it should be removed and air dried before being worn again. You should discontinue use of your ankle pad sleeve if toe discoloration, numbness or pain occurs.

Do you carry ankle pads in different sizes?

Our ankle pads are made of very stretchy fabric which makes them “one size fits most”. They are also a unisex design that can be worn by both men and women. If you try one of our ankle pad sleeves and find that it does not fit you comfortably, you may return the sleeve for a full refund. All ZenToes products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Can I wash/reuse my ankle pad? How?

Yes, all of our ankle pad sleeves are made of moisture-wicking material to prevent buildup of sweat and odors, and are washable and reusable. We recommend that you clean your ankle pad sleeve regularly based on the frequency of use and your perspiration level. Simply hand wash with a non-irritating soap or shampoo and warm water. Be sure to air dry your ankle pad sleeve completely before wearing it again. If the gel pads inside become sticky you may powder them with talcum or baby powder.

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Should I wear my ankle pad while wearing shoes or playing sports? How?

ZenToes ankle bone protection socks and ZenToes lace bite pad sleeves are both intended to be worn while wearing shoes and/or playing sports. They can be worn under or over your socks depending on which is more comfortable for you. Simply put the sock on as shown in the images and adjust so that the gel lining is comfortably over the desired area of your foot. Our padded sleeves help protect your feet from rubbing and chafing work boots or sport footwear like cleats or hockey skates.

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