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Try These Top Bunion Products for Your Pain Relief

Ouch! Bunions – those bony bumps that make their appearance at the base of the big toe and push against the second toe. Sometimes they are hereditary, but sometimes they are caused by trauma to the foot or wearing tight shoes.

Having a good arch support and wearing shoes with a wide enough toe box can help, but sometimes it’s still not enough for complete relief of your bunion pain. Depending on your symptoms, you may benefit from over-the-counter products such as toe separators or bunion guards.

Here are a few of the most popular products for bunion relief, but as always, it’s best to stick with products that are from reputable companies or are recommended by your podiatrist or doctor.

  1. Gel Bunion Guard with Toe Separator – Of course, you can try to use self-adhesive bunion pads, but sometimes when your feet begin to sweat, the pads slide right off. Not to mention, they don’t do anything to stop the pain that results from your big toe pushing on your second toe. That’s where a bunion guard with toe separator comes in to help. It is the bunion protector and corrector that you have been looking for. The ZenToes bunion guard with toe separator is made from soft, yet long-lasting silicone that helps realign your foot during the day. You won’t have to worry about it sliding off either. They are washable and reusable and made to fit everyone.
  2. Single Loop Toe Spacer – The ZenToes single loop silicone toe separator is designed to provide noninvasive pain relief from bunions, or hallux valgus, and overlapping toes by gently realigning and straightening your big toe. Our single loop toe spacers separate the toes, straightening the big toe to relieve pressure from the bunion. Can also be used as toe stretchers to help strengthen the big toe, which improves balance and stability to your feet. It is easy to use and conforms to your toes for ultimate comfort.
  3. Bunion Sleeve with Gel Cushion - When your big toe isn’t aligning correctly with the rest of your joints, it can cause immense pain and pressure that limits your mobility and comfort. In fact, it can make walking, standing, or even sleeping more difficult because of the rubbing pain on your sensitive bunion. That’s why we created ZenToes Bunion Sleeves, a compression half sock that properly cushions your metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint to provide instant relief and comfort. These lightweight, breathable bunion pads slide over your big toe and wrap comfortably over the ball of your foot. A flexible, non-slip sleeve that won’t bunch or cause chafing, our bunion sleeves are ideal for sleep comfort, athletes, spending hours on your feet, or even standing in place for long periods of time. Don’t suffer from foot pain brought on by bunions; get ZenToes Bunion Sleeves and start feeling better instantly. 
  4. Bunion Pad & Spacer Set – Finding the perfect product to give you the relief from bunion pain isn’t always as easy as it may seem. The truth is that one bunion product is not going to provide relief for everyone. What works for one person may not work for another. Because ZenToes wants to help everyone find the right bunion relief product, we have put together a Bunion Relief Variety Pack that includes four of our best-selling bunion pain relief products. It includes a bunion shield, toe straightener, toe spacers, and more.
  5. Bunion Cushion Pack – Every step with a bunion can be excruciating, which is why ZenToes created our double-layer bunion cushions that will protect your bunion from rubbing on the inside of your shoe or sock. Made with a self-stick, waterproof adhesive, these cushions will stay on all day long and protect your feet from painful friction. These cushions are made to work as hard as you do and will provide protection until you peel them off but are still safe for most sensitive skin.
  6. Bunion Corrector Splint – If you are suffering from a bunion, nighttime can be the perfect time to try to straighten your big toe and relieve your foot pain. A bunion corrector splint, or brace can be worn at night to gradually straighten your big toe back to its natural position.
  7. Bunion Socks – Bunion socks have a split-toe design that separates your big toe from the second toe to provide you pain relief. Many of these specially designed socks also have extra padding along the outside of the toe that acts as a barrier against rubbing from your footwear.

Regardless of the product you choose to relieve your bunion pain, be sure you choose a quality product and discontinue use if your pain gets worse.

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