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Review: These are the perfect separator. I wear them at all times

These are the perfect separator. I wear them at all times, completely forget I have them on. They are very soft and fit in all my shoes. The other kind of separator is not helpful for me, the one that actually covers the bunion, so I am happy to find a seller with a better price that only sells the one I want. I wear these doing yoga too, and my balance is better with them.

- Cathy


Review: Soft and Comfortable!

These spacers work great for me. It helps me with relief from my bunion discomfort. I have owned other toe separators before, but they have never been as comfortable as this. They are super easy to clean and can be worn under socks too. I really love that the material does not cause my feet to sweat more than they already do, and they do not irritate my wounds at all. This bunion toe separator is made out of a silicone stretch like material. It was extremely soft unlike some of those hard plastic kinds. This came with a strap to help hold it in place, which was perfect. I am very happy with them. Overall if you are looking for toe relief I suggest this toe separator. It is one of the best ones I have owned yet!

- Ronald


Review: Well designed product.

These arrived very quickly. They are the best design I've tried, just a little thicker and the small raised border keeps them in place.

- Cynthia


Review: An Absolute Must for People With Bunions

Due to a rather large bunion that does not cause any pain if I wear the correct shoes, my big toe is beginning to overlap. I am extremely pleased with these toe separators. They keep my toe in place and fit inside all my shoes, even my dress ones. Best of all, they are so comfortable, I forget I'm wearing them. I highly recommend them.

- Theresa


Review: Relief!!!

Finally-relief!! I had surgery on my toe that left me with the first two toes rubbing together. The second toe was raw and painful and then...I discovered these little babies! They are very soft and comfortable and do the trick for me just fine, thank you very much!

- Omi