How are Corns and Calluses Treated?

With the exception of people who have diabetes, people with calluses and corns normally do not need to treat them unless they are uncomfortable or their appearance is distressing.

Treatments for corns and calluses include:

  • Wearing more comfortable, wider shoes with socks at all times. Often, this is enough for a corn or callus to heal on its own
  • Using protective pads to cover the corn or callus and protect the skin from friction
  • Correcting or treating underlying foot problems like a bunion or hammer toe
  • Filing and moisturizing the feet can often soften and remove calluses; It is not a good idea to file corns, but moisturizing the skin can help
  • Over-the-counter topical corn and callus removers can dissolve the thickened skin with salicylic acid. It's a good idea to talk to a doctor before using one of these products
  • Trimming skin or surgically removing the skin may be done by a doctor if other interventions fail to produce results

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