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Toe Sleeves

Do you need a toe sleeve? ZenToes has a full line of Toe Sleeves.

What are toe sleeves used to treat?

Toe sleeves can be used to treat many different kinds of common toe problems such as toe corns, toe blisters, toe rubbing and toe overlap. If your toes overlap, you can use ZenToes toe sleeves to keep them from overlapping as well as from rubbing on your socks or top of your shoes. If your toes rub against each other, toe sleeves will put a quick end to that issue. Toe blisters and toe corns can be protected and prevented with toe sleeves since your toes are encased in a soothing gel, and cannot rub against each other.

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How is a toe sleeve different from a toe tube? A toe cap?

A toe sleeve and toe tube are the same thing. However, they differ from a toe cap in that they are open at the top, whereas a toe cap has a closed end. Whether you choose a toe cap or a toe sleeve is a matter of personal preference. Either way ZenToes has an affordable, cost effective solution to your toe pain.

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Can I wear shoes with a toe sleeve?

Can I wear shoes with a toe sleeve?

Yes, you can wear most shoe styles with ZenToes toe sleeves, including tennis shoes, running shoes, high heels and dress shoes. However, toe sleeves will be noticeable in open toe shoes and may not stay on as well as in closed toe shoes.

How does a toe sleeve help to relieve foot pain?

A ZenToes Toe Sleeve helps to relieve toe pain by protecting, soothing and comforting your injured toe. If you have a toe that rubs against another toe, or against your shoe, using a toe sleeve will prevent rubbing, while the gel lining will help heal the injured toe. Toe sleeves will also protect a toe blister, allowing it to heal without causing more pain. Walk pain-free with ZenToes Toe Sleeves.

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How long should I wear my toe sleeve before noticing a difference?

How long should I wear my toe sleeve before noticing a difference?

If you are susceptible to common toe issues such as corns, blisters, and toe rub, you should wear your ZenToes Toe Sleeves whenever you wear shoes to prevent problems from starting. How long it will take for your toe issue to completely heal depends on the type of toe problem you are suffering from. However, because ZenToes Toe Sleeves are lined with gel, most people will feel relief immediately. If your toes rub on your shoes or against each other, having them separated and protected by toe sleeves will provide immediate pain relief.

What are your toe sleeves made of?

What are your toe sleeves made of?

ZenToes Toe Sleeves are made from a soft fabric lined with soothing gel to provide not only protection for common causes of toe pain, but also protect against further issues that will cause pain in your toe. Washable and reusable, ZenToes medical grade toe sleeves provide the best value for your money when shopping for toe sleeves to relieve toe pain.

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