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Toe Caps

Toe caps protect missing or ingrown nails, hammertoes, corns and other painful spots on the toes from rubbing.

What causes ingrown nails?

Ingrown toenails can be caused by wearing shoes that are too tight, not properly clipping your toenails, or injury to your toe such as stubbing it. Ingrown toenails can be prevented, but if you do have one, our toe caps can help protect them while soothing the skin and moisturizing the nail. ZenToes has two types of protective caps for your toes. Our fabric toe caps have a gel lining that soothes irritated skin and nails. The exterior fabric provides extra protection from injury for your sore toe. Our gel toe caps are soothing to your injured toenail while providing protection for further damage, and allowing for the best fit in shoes.

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How do toe caps help relieve ingrown nail pain?

How do toe caps help relieve ingrown nail pain?

Toe caps relieve ingrown nail pain by soothing the injured nail and the skin around it. ZenToes toe protectors also help prevent further injury to the sore toe and nail. When your toe is damaged, it is easy for the toenail or the skin around it to snag onto your socks or the fabric lining your shoes. Wearing toe caps prevents that from happening. And isn’t it Murphy’s law that if you have an injured toe, that’s always the one that you will stub? Protect that injured toe with ZenToes Toe Caps!

What other kinds of pain can toe caps help with?

ZenToes Toe Caps can help relieve painful rubbing of toes against each other, as well as prevent your toes from developing corns and calluses. When wearing work boots, for example, it is common for the tops of your toes, especially if you have hammer or claw toes, to rub against the top of the boots. Wearing toe cap protectors helps prevent that rubbing, which prevents the formation of corns and calluses on the tops of your toes. Toe caps also protect a toe that was injured from stubbing it, or the nail coming completely off, or chafing from socks.

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What material are your toe caps made of?

What material are your toe caps made of?

ZenToes carries two different types of toe caps including gel toe protectors and fabric toe protectors. Our gel toe caps are made from medical-grade gel that is durable, yet soothing. Our fabric toe caps are made from a soft fabric lined with our medical-grade gel. Either of our toe caps will protect and soothe an injured toe as well as an ingrown toenail.

Can I reuse/wash my toe caps?

ZenToes toe caps, both the fabric and the gel, are easily washable and reusable. Wash in warm water with a gentle shampoo or soap, and air dry. Your toe caps can be worn many times, but we do recommend you dispose of them should they tear or become brittle. If the gel becomes sticky after washing, simply sprinkle with talcum or baby powder.

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Can I wear my toe cap while wearing shoes and/or exercising?

Yes, our toe caps can be worn during exercise, including running, walking, weight lifting, skating, and other sports. Many of our customers are athletes who wear ZenToes toe caps while running to prevent their toes from rubbing against each other and their shoes. Our toe protectors can also be worn barefoot while chilling at home.

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How do I prevent ingrown nails in the future?

How do I prevent ingrown nails in the future?

There are several ways to prevent toenails from growing into the skin. The best way is to wear shoes that fit well and don’t squeeze your toes. Also, when clipping your toenails, it is best to cut them straight across so they are not curved, which allows them to grow into the surrounding skin. And lastly, be careful not to stub your toe as this can push the nail into the skin around your toe. After bathing, it is recommended to check your toenails for any that may have started growing into the skin and take action to prevent further growth.

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