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Heel Pads

If you have sore, tired heels at the end of the day, ZenToes gel-lined heel sleeves can help. They provide soft, thick cushioning, shock absorption and compressive support to help relieve heel pain caused by injury or standing all day long. Our super stretchy, open-toed socks can also help reduce pain and soreness caused by Achilles tendonitis, bursitis, heel bumps, tenderness or even extreme dryness.

How does a heel pad help to relieve pain?

ZenToes Achilles heel padded sleeve has shock absorbing gel padding to protect tender heels while running and standing for long periods of time. They also provide mild compressive support which can improve circulation and blood flow to reduce stiffness and inflammation. The medical grade gel can also soften very dry, cracked skin on your heels, making your feet more comfortable.

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What material are heel pads made of?

ZenToes Achilles heel sleeves are made from super stretchy, beige, latex free, breathable, moisture wicking fabric which reduces odor. They are open toed and are lined at the heel with soft and thick medical grade silicone gel. The sleeves are lightweight and can be hand washed and air dried, making them reusable.

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Can I wear shoes with my heel pad?

ZenToes heel sleeves can be worn with or without socks, inside any type of shoe, sandal or boot. They are lightweight, form fitting and are flexible so you can stand, walk and move comfortably all day. Simply put the sleeve on as shown in the pictures and adjust so that the gel lining is over your heel and comfortable, then step into your shoes.

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Can I run with my heel pad on?

Yes, ZenToes heel pads are designed to absorb shock and pressure from impact to the bottom of your heel while standing, walking and running. Their lightweight material, open toes, and snug fit allow them to be worn under socks and in shoes of all kinds. The gel material along the back of the heel will also prevent your shoes from rubbing the back of your heel when walking and running.

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Are heel pads reusable/washable?

Our heel sleeves are both washable and reusable. They should be cleaned regularly based on the frequency of use and your perspiration level. Hand wash them with warm water and soap or shampoo that does not irritate your skin. The sleeves should be air dried completely before wearing again. If the gel becomes sticky you may powder it with talcum or baby powder.

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How long should I wear a heel pad to help relieve pain?

Your ZenToes padded heel sleeve can be worn all day with your regular socks and shoes. They should be removed before showering, bathing or swimming and should be completely dry before rewearing. You should discontinue use if you experience any toe discoloration, numbness or pain. It is important to consult your physician before wearing heel sleeves to be sure they are an appropriate aid for you, especially if you have poor circulation or diabetes.

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