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Finger Buddy Wraps

Medical professionals typically recommend a splint be used in the treatment of a broken finger. Instead of a bulky metal splint, buddy wrapping uses the healthy finger directly next to the broken finger to act as a splint. Simply loop a ZenToes buddy wrap on the healthy finger, then wrap the foam-lined fabric strip around your broken finger and adjust as needed. The hook and loop fastener will keep the buddy wrap snugly around your fingers, preventing them from moving, which relieves pain and aids in the healing process. ZenToes finger wraps are latex-free, washable and reusable which makes them a great alternative to sticky medical tape that can irritate sensitive skin and must be replaced repeatedly.

How does a finger buddy wrap help to relieve broken finger pain?

Bending or moving your broken finger can cause severe pain. Buddy taping your broken finger to the healthy finger next to it with ZenToes buddy wraps will prevent both fingers from moving which will reduce this pain. Your healthy finger will act as a splint to support, protect and keep your broken finger in a natural position which aids in the properly aligned healing of your finger. Using a buddy wrap can also help prevent further injury and pain to the broken finger.

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How do I know if my finger is broken?

How do I know if my finger is broken?

A broken finger will cause sharp pain and it may look deformed, red, bruised or show exposed bone that has broken through the skin. It will also be very difficult to move your finger if it is broken. If your finger is jammed, the pain and swelling will usually not be as severe as a broken finger and you will normally still have some range of motion. It is important to seek medical attention if pain or swelling limits the use of your finger, if your finger becomes numb or very pale, if you develop a fever following the injury or if the injury includes a laceration or exposure of bone. A medical professional will usually diagnose a broken finger with an x-ray.

What activities should I stay away from with a broken finger?

What activities should I stay away from with a broken finger?

Activities that use the hand with your broken finger may aggravate the injury and increase pain. It is best to use your injured hand as little as possible during the healing process. You should not play non-contact sports for 3 to 4 weeks after a finger break and up to 6 weeks of healing is needed before returning to contact sports. It is important to keep the broken finger properly aligned during this time with a buddy wrap or splint to regain normal function to the hand once healed.

How long should I leave the buddy wrap on?

According to medical professionals, the healing process for a broken finger can take 3 to 6 weeks depending on the severity of the injury. You should continue buddy wrapping your fingers during this time. Your buddy wrap should be removed each time you shower, bathe or swim and reapplied once your skin is dry. You can wear your buddy wrap at bedtime to keep your fingers protected and aligned throughout the night.

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Can I get my finger buddy wrap wet?

ZenToes buddy wraps for broken fingers can be hand washed and air dried, making them reusable and a great value. They come in a package of 4, so if a wrap gets wet while you are wearing it, you can replace it with a new one until the wet wrap dries completely. This will prevent irritation to the skin on your fingers from prolonged exposure to moisture.

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