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Bunion Splints

While there are many treatment options available on the market to help stop the pain associated with rubbing and pressure caused by wearing shoes--bunion pads, guards, and protectors come in disposable and reusable options and provide a cushion between the bunion and the shoe--only a few of these options actually help with the misalignment of the big toe. That’s where a bunion splint comes in. Bunion splints work by applying gentle pressure to the big toe to slowly correct the misalignment.

What exactly is a bunion splint?

A bunion splint is a type of bunion treatment device that may be worn during the day but is often worn at night while sleeping. It physically pushes the big toe back into normal alignment. They come in a wide variety of options with some being more rigid in nature than others. Some designs push the big toe over back into place while others use a pulling action to reposition it. Because you will be wearing it at night while you sleep, it is important that you find one that is comfortable for your foot so you can wear it several hours without interrupting your sleep. Bunion splints don’t work overnight and are more of a long-term treatment option.

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How do bunion splints help to relieve pain?

How do bunion splints help to relieve pain?

Many bunions are a result of genetics. It is a largely hereditary condition caused by an uneven pressure that is placed on the tendons and joints of the foot forcing your big toe out of its natural alignment. The result is a big toe that shifts inward toward the other toes and a prominent bony protrusion at the base of the big toe. Bunion splints help relieve pain by correcting the misalignment of the toe, relieving pressure that the bony protrusion causes when rubbing with shoes, and diminishing the pain. Bunion splints do not work overnight and in some situations, may not correct the bunion but rather help keep the misalignment from getting worse.

How is a bunion splint different from a toe separator?

A bunion splint works to apply gentle pressure to the big toe in an attempt to correct the misalignment of the big toe. Some of them work by pushing gently on the big toe, while others work with a pushing motion. Toe spacers help treat bunions by preventing the inward curve of the big toe from rubbing and causing pain against the toes that are beside the big toe. In some situations, toe separators may help correct the misalignment of the big toe by gently pushing the toe back into the correct place while protecting the toes beside it. We have a variety of toe separators to choose from.

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Is a bunion splint the best kind of bunion correction for me?

Whether or not a bunion splint is the best option for you would be a decision best made by you and your doctor. At ZenToes we offer a wide variety of bunion treatments that provide holistic, surgical-free pain relief so that you can stay active without pain and discomfort caused by bunions and other foot conditions. Whatever treatment option you choose, make sure that it is comfortable and can be worn regularly as bunion treatments do not fix bunions overnight and will take time.

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