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Bunion Protectors

One of the first steps to relieving bunion pain is to protect the bunion from friction and pressure caused by the shoes being worn. There are a variety of bunion protectors on the market. Some of them include bunion pads, bunion sleeves, toe shields, bunion cushions, and more. Wearing the right kind of shoe can also help alleviate some of the pain caused by bunions. Shoes that have a wide, flexible sole help support the foot and give it enough room in the toe to accommodate the bunion and the protector that you choose to wear. The heel of the shoe should be sturdy and fit snugly in place. Choosing conservative treatments early on, including a change in footwear and bunion protectors, may prevent the need for surgical treatment later on.

Bunion Pads

Bunion pain typically results in two types of pain. Bump pain which is caused by the bump itself and is the result of pressure and soreness as it rubs on the shoes being worn, and joint pain that is due to the misalignment of the big toe. The misalignment causes the joint to move outside of the normal range of motion and may result in pain. Bunion pads come in a wide variety of options and may be used to help with the misalignment of the toe or protect the bunion from pressure and friction caused by shoes. Bunion pads may be disposable or made using reusable, washable silicone gel.

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Bunion Gel Cushions

Our bunion gel cushions are made with soft, durable silicone gel that protects and cushions your bunion so you don’t have pain while wearing shoes and doing activities. It works by covering the bunion and cushioning the side of the foot to prevent chafing and pressure. Foot bunions are one of the most painful foot problems and many require surgery that most people don’t want to deal with. That’s why we try to offer a variety of bunion gel cushions and other bunion treatment options so that you can have a more holistic, surgery-free way to deal with your bunion pain. Our bunion gel cushions are reusable and washable and conform to the shape of your foot making them so comfortable that you won’t even notice they are there.

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Bunion Protector Sleeves

Bunion sleeves help reduce pain caused by bunions, also known as Hallux Valgus, that results when walking, standing, or other activities. Bunion protector sleeves are breathable and lightweight making them perfect for all-day wear. They can be used to protect the bunion from pressure and friction during work, walking, activities, or even at night while sleeping. Our sleeves are unisex and can be worn on either the right or left foot. They are gentle enough for sensitive skin and are odor and stain resistant. Our bunion protector sleeves have precision metatarsophalangeal joint padding that provides relief from rubbing and can be easily cleaned for repeat use.

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Toe Shields

Toe shields are one of the many ways to protect bunions from friction and pressure on bunions when wearing shoes. They rest against the side of the foot where the bunion bump is located and protects the tender skin. They work similar to adhesive bunion pads, but won’t shift out of place or come loose during your day to day activities. These toe shields are washable and reusable so you can wear them again and again. Unlike many types of bunion protectors and toe shields, they can be worn inside almost all types of shoes because they conform to the bunion and shape of your foot and are not bulky and uncomfortable to wear.

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Are toe shields, protectors, and correctors the same thing?

Are toe shields, protectors, and correctors the same thing?

Studies show that some 36 percent of all people suffer from hallux valgus, or bunion, pain. Fortunately, there are a lot of treatment options available that can reduce the pain and discomfort without surgery. You have likely heard about toe shields, bunion protectors, and bunion protectors and wondered whether or not they are the same. The answer is yes and no. Toe shields are often worn between the toes to protect the smaller toes from the big toe that is curved inward towards them. Many of them also have an attached protector that cushions the outside of the bunion from friction between the side of the foot and the shoe. Bunion protectors are typically worn only on the outside of the bunion to prevent pressure and friction between the bunion and the shoes. They are found in disposable and reusable varieties. Bunion correctors are often worn not only to protect the bunion from pressure and discomfort of wearing shoes, but may also be able to gently apply pressure to the big toe to correct the misalignment.

What are the different types of bunion protectors?

What are the different types of bunion protectors?

Bunion protectors come in a wide variety of options including toe shields, toe spacers, bunion pads, toe tubes, bunion protectors, bunion sleeves, and more. Which option you choose depends on what you hope to accomplish with your product, whether you prefer a smaller or larger product, and whether you want your bunion treatment to be disposable or washable and reusable. At ZenToes we have sold bunion relief products to over 800,000 customers and are the #1 site for bunion care. Our products are recommended by chiropractors, podiatrists, physical therapists, and of course, our happy customers.

How do I choose the right bunion protector for my feet?

If you are one of the millions of people that suffer from bunion pain and discomfort, we have good news. There are plenty of products available that can help alleviate your discomfort and pain at a reasonable price and without surgery. Toe separators are used to align the big toe so that there is less pressure on the bunion as well as prevent rubbing between the big toe and the toes next to it. Bunion pads protect the bunion from rubbing on the side of the shoe. They typically adhere to the side of the bunion and are disposable. Bunion protectors and guards also cushion the bunion from pressure and rubbing on the shoe but are reusable and washable because they are made from a soft, silicone gel.

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