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Broken Toes & Turf Toes

Broken toe braces help alleviate pain for those with broken toes or for those suffering from hammer toes.
What are the symptoms of my broken toe?

What are the symptoms of my broken toe?

Many times the first symptom of a broken toe, other than pain, is bruising and tenderness on the toe. Other symptoms can include swelling, stiffness, redness and blood under the toenails. If you suspect you have a broken toe, consult your doctor to be sure there are no other issues before ordering a broken toe splint or brace.

How does a splint relieve broken toe pain?

How does a splint relieve broken toe pain? A splint keeps the broken toe stable, relieving pain caused by an unstable toe moving on its own. ZenToes broken toe bandage splint uses the buddy wrap treatment approach to splint your broken index toe to the middle toe, stabilizing the toe to protect it and allow it to heal. An unsplinted toe will be more painful and take longer to heal than a splinted toe.

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What is turf toe and how is it different from a broken toe?

Turf toe is a sprain in the big toe, rather than a broken bone in the toe. Turf toe normally only occurs in the big toe, unlike a broken bone which can occur in any of your toes. ZenToes has two very different products for turf toe and broken toes, due to the type of treatment being different for each.

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What causes turf toe?

Turf toe is normally the result of an injury during a sporting activity that caused the big toe bend upwards excessively. Many sporting activities can result in turf toe, so whether you play football, run, or are a track champion, you could find yourself with a painful turf toe. Fortunately, ZenToes has just what you need to treat turf toe and get you back to your favorite activities quickly.

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How do I treat turf toe?

Treatment for turf toe starts with the tried and true RICE - Rest, ice, compression and elevation. Once you feel you are ready to get back into playing your sport, add ZenToes Turf Toe Strips to your treatment plan. Our turf toe strips will help keep your toe stable and aligned to protect it from future injury, while helping it to full heal.

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