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Arthritis Compression Gloves

Hand arthritis is the inflammation of one or more of the joints in your hands. When these joints in your hands and fingers are affected by arthritis, daily activities can become difficult. ZenToes arthritis compression gloves can help reduce painful symptoms like stiff, aching joints, by improving the blood circulation in your hands and fingers. This can reduce inflammation and swelling, and soothe painful joints, which allows you to perform your daily activities again. The open fingertip design lets you continue using your touch screen devices and helps you grasp everyday objects.
What are symptoms for arthritis in the hand?

What are symptoms for arthritis in the hand?

Arthritis may cause pain in some or all of the joints in the hands, fingers, thumbs and wrists. Pain may be accompanied by swollen, red or warm joints or numbness in fingers. Rheumatoid arthritis can cause stiffness in the fingers and growth of lumps or nodules under the skin while psoriatic arthritis may cause significant swelling in fingers. These symptoms typically cause difficulty with motions that require gripping and twisting, grasping small objects, and lifting or carrying anything weighing 10 pounds or more. Progression of arthritis can lead to loss of bone density and joint damage.

What are treatment options for hand arthritis?

Your doctor may prescribe medications or physical therapy but there are also many home remedies that can help reduce symptoms of hand arthritis. Applying ice to swollen joints can help reduce swelling while soaking hands in warm water can ease stiff joints. Compression gloves keep joints still to reduce pain while improving circulation, reducing inflammation and soothing sore hands. Over the counter topical creams can relieve pain and many hand exercises can be done at home to keep ligaments and tendons flexible.

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How does a compression glove help to treat hand arthritis symptoms?

The use of compression gloves during your daily activities supports and helps reduce wear and tear to the joints in your hands and fingers. Mild compression improves blood circulation to reduce swelling and stiffness, soothes aching joints, relieves muscle tension and reduces pain and inflammation.

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How can I prevent my hand arthritis from getting worse?

It is important to follow any instructions given to you by your doctor including regularly taking any medication prescribed to decrease inflammation. Keep both your hands and body active and to avoid further injury to your joints. Be sure to take precautions when pushing, pulling or lifting heavy objects and take breaks when doing repetitive or strenuous activities. Moving your hands and fingers regularly by doing simple flexing and bending finger exercises, can keep your ligaments and tendons flexible and relieve stiffness and pain.

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