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Ankle Braces

An ankle brace is a medical device that is worn around the ankle for immobilization and protection while healing from sprains and other minor ankle injuries. ZenToes ankle brace provide a customizable fit with laces and adjustable crisscross compression straps. Our ankle braces can be worn on either foot, by both men and women and it is durable, washable and reusable. It comes in 3 sizes to fit most teenagers and adults and can be used on the scene for first aid or on a daily basis to support weak ankles due to plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, torn ligaments, neuropathy and many other conditions of the ankle.

Ankle Compression Sock Sleeves - 1 Pair

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Why do I experience ankle pain while running?

Why do I experience ankle pain while running?

Ankle pain while running can be caused by something as simple as the wrong pair of shoes, inadequate stretching/warming up or improper running form, or a more serious cause such as: Achilles tendonitis, ankle impingement, a stress fracture, ankle sprain or tarsal tunnel syndrome. If you experience frequent or chronic ankle pain while running, or have a previous injury that continues to flare up, it is important to consult a physician for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

How do I know if my ankle is bruised, sprained, or broken?

How do I know if my ankle is bruised, sprained, or broken?

An ankle bruise can be caused by a blow to the muscles and soft tissue in the ankle that causes a blood vessel to break close to the surface of the skin. An ankle sprain is when the ligaments in your ankle become damaged from being torn or stretched beyond their limits. An ankle fracture happens when at least one of the three bones in your ankle breaks. All three ankle injuries can cause bruising and swelling.

So how do you know if your ankle is just bruised or if it is sprained or even broken? You should still be able to bear weight on your ankle if it is only bruised, where a sprain or fracture will usually be too painful to stand holding your full weight. A sprain usually occurs silently, or in severe cases with a popping sound, while a fracture may make a cracking sound. If your ankle looks misshapen beyond some swelling, your ankle is most likely broken. If the pain you experience is in the soft part of your ankle, it is more likely a sprain whereas pain that is tender to the touch directly over your ankle bone is probably a fracture. If you are unsure if your ankle is broken, you should always see your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Ankle Brace #1: Stabilizer with Compression Straps

ZenToes ankle stabilizer brace provides stability and support for ankle injuries and is an affordable and easy to use medical device. Our brace is a black, unisex design that comes in sizes small, medium and large to fit most teenagers and adults. It can be worn on either the left or the right foot and is fully adjustable with laces and nylon crisscross support straps for customized compression. The brace will limit movement which reduces pain and will keep your ankle protected from further injury during the healing process. Not only for first aid, our brace is also ideal for supporting ankles that are weak due to ankle surgery, torn ligaments, neuropathy, stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, and other conditions that require treatment of the ankle.

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Ankle Brace #2: Sleeve with Pads

If you are experiencing painful ankle rubbing and chafing from your work boots, hiking boots, ankle brace or sports footwear including hockey skates, ski boots, roller blades or cleats, you need ZenToes ankle bone protection sleeves. Our super stretchy fabric sleeves have thick gel pads that cover both sides of your ankle bones for protection from friction and impact. If the tight laces on your skates are pinching the top of your ankle, try ZenToes padded skate socks with soft gel cushioning for lace bite protection.

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Ankle Brace #3: Compression Sleeve

ZenToes ankle compression sleeves are the right choice when you need to relieve painful inflammation from common foot injuries such as ankle sprains, strains, Achilles heel pain, plantar fasciitis and tendonitis. They support the arch, heel, ankle joint and the top of the foot to relieve pressure and improve natural circulation and blood flow. Our ankle compression socks are a green and black unisex design that come in a pair to treat the left and right feet at the same time. We offer sizes small, medium, large and extra large to fit most teenagers and adults.

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Which type of ankle brace is best for me?

ZenToes ankle brace provides the most support and stability for more serious injuries like a fractured or broken ankle. ZenToes compression sleeves are the best choice for long-term chronic pain to relieve inflammation, stiffness and sore ankle joints on a regular basis. ZenToes ankle bone protection socks are right for the individual looking to stop painful rubbing and chafing of boots and skates on the sides of their ankles while our padded skate sock is best at preventing pinching and lace bite from shoe and skate laces.

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Can an ankle brace help prevent future injuries?

According to medical studies, there is minimal reduction in first time ankle injuries with a brace. However, braces do help prevent recurrent ankle sprains and reduce pain in current injuries by preventing unnecessary movement. The ZenToes ankle brace is an excellent choice when preventing future recurring injuries as it is durable, washable and reusable and has a customizable fit to accommodate changes due to swelling. It can be worn inside wider shoes to stabilize your ankle as you go about your daily life in addition to use during sporting activities.

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