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Common Fall/Winter Issues

Fall is finally here, and with that comes the sudden drop in temperature. The quick change in the weather could catch you by surprise and not only keep you cold, but also dry your skin and damage it if not taken care of properly. When the seasons change and fall/winter hits, the air turns drier and so does our skin. In the colder fall and winter months, you're more likely to experience dryness and flakiness on your skin, especially if you're prone to eczema or other dry skin conditions.

While there's nothing you can do about seasonal shifts (aside from moving somewhere with a milder climate), that doesn't mean your skin has to suffer the consequences.

So, you may be wondering as you’re reading this, how do I alleviate my dry heels and hands during this season? Here at ZenToes we scoured through our extensive selection of recommended products and selected a few of our favorites to handle these common issues.

1. Moisturizing Heel Socks

Looking to relieve dry, cracked heels that are rough and painful? This can be one of the most common issues you will encounter during a cold season. A heel that is experiencing dryness can cause discomfort throughout the day and be painful after a long period of time.

Lotions and balms alone don’t always provide the comfort you need. That’s why we created these versatile ZenToes Gel Heel Socks that provide cracked heel treatment and moisturizing relief for even the roughest, driest skin.

Crafted with premium fabrics, our heel sleeves provide soothing healing that’s soft, flexible, and available in two sizes. When paired with your favorite skin cream, moisturizer, or serum, you’ll finally achieve soft, supple heels that feel and look amazing.

2. Moisturizing Gloves

Frequent hand-washing, very dry air, and medical conditions like eczema and diabetes can lead to painful, cracked, severely dry hands, not to mention the cold season just around the corner. Your hands will beg you for some moisture.

That’s why you should bundle the pair of socks above with our ZenToes Moisturizing Gloves for the upcoming cold temperatures. The gel lining is infused with jojoba seed oil, olive oil, and vitamin E to deeply moisturize and hydrate dry, rough skin. Our medical grade materials are high quality and latex-free which makes them allergy-friendly.

These gloves will rehydrate your hands and keep them soft during this upcoming season.

3. Dry Heel Repair Kit

ZenToes Dry Heel Repair Kit has everything you need to take your heels from dry, cracked and scratchy, to healthy, soft, and baby smooth. Our kit includes a professional-quality metal foot file, a double-sided glass pumice stone, and one pair each of blue fuzzy and gray cotton moisturizing heel socks. This at-home pedicure set includes a water-resistant canvas carrying bag.

Our recovery kit provides a variety of easy steps to repair dry cracked feet and keep them soft, smooth, and healthy-looking. Our professional-quality metal foot file gently removes hard skin without damaging delicate tissue. The double-sided glass pumice stone deeply scrubs away rough patches on heels while our best selling moisturizing heel socks hydrate skin overnight.

Everything you need to rescue your dry, cracked heels comes in a reusable canvas bag with a zipper closure. Perfect for gift giving or pampering yourself this upcoming season.

What are you waiting for, soft skin is just a click away!

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